Thursday, March 6, 2008

Genetically Modified Crops and Bee Colony Collapse Disorder: "Bee Sniff Test" - GM Plants

A Bill to Address Bee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

No Genetically Modified grain, foodstuff or other genetically modified crop seed or other planting component (herein GM) shall be released for propagation or use outside an enclosed laboratory setting, until it has been proven equal to the Original Plant (OP) in attracting each Natural Pollinator (NP) including all bees, other insects, and birds who were Natural Pollinators of the product before its genetic manipulation.

The grower must prove by at least 1 year of observation, recording and film, that each NP continues pollinating activities without distinction between the OP and the GM.

"Bee Sniff Test." The examination of Pollinators' acceptance or rejection of the GM shall be known as the "Bee Sniff Test," regardless of species normally pollinating such products. A proponent of a GAP must demonstrate that there is no change in frequency, method or preference, by the Pollinators as to the GM, compared to the OP.

A reduction in population of the Pollinators when exposed to GAP products shall cause withdrawal of the GAP product from consideration for use. Thus, bees refusing to pollinate GM products shall immediately cause the GM to be destroyed or firmly containerized and buried far from supper.

This natural distinction bee sniff test shall be conclusive as to whether the GM closely enough resembles the OP as to be healthful to a human population.

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