Saturday, October 18, 2008

Failure to Vet - A Felony. Importance of Vetting Process

Political Felonious Failure to Vet Credentials

Committees or elected officials proposing appointments for federal elective office shall first vet such candidate and publish comprehensive objective resumes of accomplishments, dodges, and chronology of life events shall be public record, such to be signed as complete by the candidate. Accordingly there shall be established an Office of Street Creds to assist such committees or elected officials for this purpose: to investigate , publicize all matters reasonably of interest to a voter before being exposed to further persuasion.

It is broadly known that once voters have attached emotionally to a candidate, it is nearly impossible to dissuade them with mere facts.

Proofs of failure to vet shall be new information coming to light that meets these threshhold markers:  the issue consumes no less than 3 news loop cycles; causes the voting population when polled to say, "I didn't know that."
  • Included topics: tax problems, affairs, youthful indiscretions.  None of those shall be sufficient in and of itself to bar a person from appointment, but the issue should be laid out in advance.
Proposed Appointee or Electee after vetting process 

Public interest.
Vetting credentials is critical to voter confidence and focus.
Vetting is required in order to prevent duping of voters. who may form emotional and amygdala-like attachments to the proposed Appointee before the facts are allowed out. See the importance of vetting in the context of trials, at

Penalties. Penalties shall be determined by separate legislation, but shall be suspended if the candidate signed the published resume and statement of chronology.

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