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An Act to Establish Primacy of Law Over Revelation: An Issue Relevant, Among Other Issues, to Abortion

An Act Establishing the Primacy of Law Over Revelation or Inspiration
Avoiding Shifting Sands
Update on Marriage

See law-revelation debate in abortion issue, FN 1
Specific religious-sect grounding for law, has no place in compelling affairs in a multi-faceted society

Human affairs, in interaction between individuals and groups, shall be governed by pragmatic secularism; with religious matters governing the individual's private life as that individual may choose. 
1. Role of Revelation.  An admonition to engage in behavior, where the behavior stems from a claimed Revelation by a Receiver as transmitted by the Divine, binds only the followers of that Receiver of Revelation so long as the followers are voluntary.

No behavior, that violates criminal or statutory law, shall be excused on grounds that the actor is one of a select received authority group.  Accordingly, pederasty, pedophilia, rape, etc. are not insulated.

2. Role of Custom.  An admonition for behavior that is the result of Custom, binds only those members of a community, so long as the membership is voluntary.

3. Role of Enacted Law based on pragmatic principles, secular rather than religious. Any admonition for behavior that is the result of a State's or Nation's enacted or otherwise codified laws as enacted hereto binds all residents within the State or Nation jurisdiction.
  • However, no admonition for such State or National Law shall have as its primary justification a rooting in a Revelation.
  • A Revelation may be considered a circumstantial support for an Enacted Law, and interesting, but shall not be dispositive, and the Revelation shall carry no specific weight.
4. Accordingly, observable facts shall be set forth in the legislative history of each law, establishing that the law reasonably and demonstratively promotes life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for each resident of the State or Nation, regardless of Revelation Affiliation or Custom Background.

Legislative Notes:

Residents in communities of diverse backgrounds need basic standards for behavior that are rooted in observable facts, rather than idiosyncratic and varying ideology; and

Objectively supported laws for a common good foster 
a) basic stability,
b) predictability in relationships and outcomes,
c) productivity, and
d) protection from harm inflicted by others and their cultures, psychological and physical.

Elaboration and clarification. Standards of behavior required of those in US society shall rest upon evidentiary need or advisability in terms of a common good.  Belief in Revelation or Inspiration shall be afforded no weight in determining laws.  See FN 1  Custom shall be afforded weight only as to the effects of the proposed custom as law in other or this culture to date, but shall not be dispositive.   See FN 2   Science shall be afforded great weight in the proposed law, both as to past observable effects, present impact, and grounded predictions as to long term effects.

The fully enacted pragmatic secularist law codifying required behaviors, including prohibitions, shall be enforceable by the State or its equivalent, and including physical, economic or other force. A statement of disagreement shall not be sufficient to immunize the individual from consequences set in Enacted Law. In the event of acts occurring where no law is deemed to control, Universal Jurisdiction shall control, see Fear of Fog, Accountability, Best Jurisdiction.

FN 1.

FN1. Revelation
  • Revelation shall be defined as disclosure of a particular Divine Reality System to a Human, through mystical, historical event interpretation, or spiritual experience, which unfortunately has been historically enforced by the religion's designated enforcers, excluding physical force, Crusades, Inquisitions, militiae.
  • Groups voluntarily banding together are welcome to enforce revelation among themselves, but not outside the group. A statement of disagreement shall be sufficient to indicate an individual's rejection of the Revelation standard, and such decision shall not be interfered with by the group.
  • All sources of alleged revelation shall be vetted. One source for such Revelation, at least as to Genesis, is a Mechanical Translation of Genesis, from the Hebrew, free for the download at
    • What does Revelation say about marriage in Genesis?  Go to the index.  Nothing.  Nada.  Nobody has to, no recipes for doing it.
    • What does Revelation say about wife in Genesis? Go to the index.  Nothing.  Nada. There are women in Genesis, but not wives.  Abraham, he got him a woman.  Paid for, but all by contract, no holiness involved.  He was to respect her (look it up) but she is not "wife."
Further debate currently: which source of admonitions shall control in the abortion area, see Custom and Revelation issues at Early Christian Writings on Abortion. When jurisdiction is contested, Law shall trump Revelation and Custom.  Resolving abortion issues:  the observable over revelation

FN 2.  Custom
  • Custom shall be defined as a set of behaviors long-established from mists-of-time, enforceable only by community pressure, but excluding physical force. A statement of disagreement shall be sufficient to indicate an individual's rejection of the Custom standard, and shall not be interfered with by the community.
  • What does custom say about marriage?  Lots.  Property transmission machine, people controlling machine, turn it into a sacred something and hammer it home. See anthropological variations at

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