Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Closing Guantanamo. Transfer Guantanamees to Texas. Eminent Domain. The Ranch.

Closing Guantanamo
 Mayday!  Mayday! How do do it?

Transfer Guantanamees, Guantanamo detainees, to the old Ranch Property in Crawford, Texas (see legal means, below) pending full dispersal of all those human beings we have turned further against us through Guantanamo.

Look-back and update at an American Principles legacy issue.  Consider this exit strategy for Guantanamo clients  via Implicit Deed Reversion.  Eminent Domain imaginatively applied to Bush's Ranch.

  • Update 5.1.2013.  The President vows to again pursue closing Guantanamo.  Among his options is this brilliance from 2012.  Build a new Guantanamo at Crawford, Texas, preferably and possibly on the old Texas White House Property by eminent domain, see argument below.  
  • President Obama, since he has saved the country a fortune by refraining from setting up a second White House (family vacations are far less costly) where he might go for bush-whacking and policy matters, makes this option of reusing Crawford financially responsible.
Politics.  President Obama promised to close Guantamo, but has been thwarted by recipient states refusing to accept the inmates;  and in a new election year, the issue is surfacing again; and

Long history.  Former President George W. Bush stated his desire and intention to close Guantanamo, and for its inmates to be tried in the United States, see BBC news report (among others) at and video of statement shown by Anderson Cooper CNN last week (11/17/09 date of original post);

Ongoing.  This strategy was approved by President Barack Obama but he has been flummoxed by the Republican dedicated flummoxors as to any step he has in mind for anything;

Persistent issues. Where to hold the gentlemen in question until they die or are tried, whichever first occurs; and the State of Texas is ideal for such, being known for its patriotism and firm hand.  It is also remote and reporters would never want to visit out there.

Answer! Texas has just revised its eminent domain law, whereby government may acquire property for public use, see and it fits. It fits!

See summary of Texas reform at Senate Bill 18, at Press Release Newswire,

Who's having fits?


1.  The State of Texas shall be incentivized to exercise its rights of eminent domain immediately to acquire the property formerly used as the Texas White House at Crawford TX for use as a containment facility and detention center for prisoners now housed at Guantamo, Cuba,  See Texas Passes Eminent Domain Reform Bill, May 4, 2009, at
  • Authority:  It is implicit in prior presidential ownership of land for White House purposes, as proven by construction and then sale dates, that a reversion continues sub deedo whereby later White Houses can order the land back into White House Purpose Use.  This is like Stop-Loss, applied to real estate needs.
2.  This acquisition shall be expedited and all other governmental matters placed in line behind until completion and full implementation.  Acquisition by December 15; renovations and construction by January 15; prisoners arrive January 22, 2009.

3.  If the schedule falls behind, applications are being taken for B&B temporary accommodations, or private homes in Dallas.  Guantanamo exit strategy.  Time we had one. Texas for Terrorist Trials.


* Sicily, actually.  Would they take some?  The Legislative Committee notes lamely that if the original Orderers built in exit strategies for the Big Plans now awry, this provision for an additional Texas facility at the Old Bush Ranch would not be necessary.  File this remedy under A for Accountability.

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