Monday, August 13, 2012

Media Funding Disclosure Law

All media and personalities affixed by the hip thereto, shall disclose the amounts and sources of its funding in an ongoing way whether such funding is applied to news-opinion-politics broadcasts or trolling for viewer-listeners; or any other media-related activity.  This measure supplements the disclosure required of legislators, see

Each media shall disclose online such information, keeping the list updated every 24 hours.  Where the funding was directed by the fundor to be applied for a particular programming purpose, that shall also be disclosed. The website shall be accessible and displayed as part of the media's regular information streaming and immediately before the weather report.

Where a consumer requests written tally, as in the instance of no computer at the house, then such shall be provided by return mail, postage paid by the media.

Financial payments subject to media disclosure include any

1) whose funds support or create news-opinion-politics advertising, or buy air time shown at any time shaped in any way by the fundor, and/or

2) whose funds are provided to influence the presentation and tilt of news and opinion and political shows or commentary, in kind or in cash to the and MC's, and other mouthpieces of and reporters; or to those who decide programming; or on their behalf.

3) whose funds enable the recipients to go places and do things "educationally" and enrich their lifestyles, while minds are being shaped with goodie bags.

4)  whose funds come from Parts Unknown*,  in which case, the disclosure shall be Parts Unknown; but the name of the group and the amount, of course, will be known and disclosed; and as on computers, the red virus alert will go off for all Parts Unknown designations.

None of this impacts free speech because the speech is welcome to go on, just free of the taint of lobbying in media.  Taint of  PACS and election groups, of course, carries on in the mud as before.

5)  A bounce tax shall be imposed per jiggle on media personhoods who voice objection to disclosing the amounts and sources of their funding.


* Funding from Parts Unknown:  This category shall include the name and address of the group (they disclose that voluntarily on the "check" and their address) and the amount so received, and the purpose for which it was to be and was used.

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