Saturday, February 2, 2013

Penalty, Senate Committee No-Shows at Briefings. Duty to Attend Briefings Before Hearing. Strict Liability for Briefing Avoidance of Evidence at Briefings: When Congress Ducks.

Congressional Committee Duty to Attend Briefings
Mandatory Attendance at Briefings Prerequisite for Participation in Hearing

Full Grasp of Evidence Deemed Essential for Productive Inquiry

Where Committee Members are no-show at briefings, thus remaining ignorant of evidence that is relevant to questioning at a pending Congressional hearing, such shall be deemed to be a strict liability offense in two degrees, negligence and gross negligence, and subject to civil penalties herein. 

Evidence briefings, officially provided by any branch of government where an official thereof is to appear before a Congressional Committee, shall be deemed to be Qualified Evidence Briefings where such include preparation and background for examination regarding an incident or condition or policy matter related to governance with hearing pending, shall be deemed conclusively to supersede any other activity or whim of any Congressperson on said Committee where notice of 4 days is provided regarding such briefing. 

Qualified Evidence Briefings:

Qualified Briefings relate to pending hearings on governance matters that relate to examination of a record, witness testimony and evidence known to the agency and shared with the Members at the briefing, such as but not limited to background of issues and policy, proposals, accountability,examination of the official action record,  remedial actions taken where such reasonably would minimize damage if the event recurs, proposals. 
  • Absence of such Member from the briefing shall be noted for the record at the time and Tweeted vigorously to all Twits with accounts therein. Determination shall be made by randomly selected five people from the gallery at an unannounced time, as to the degree of civil culpability found for the absence as set forth herein.
  • Negligent failure to appear shall include from carelessness, intentional dodging, photo-op avoidance, hoping to better one's inquisitorial position by remaining ignorant of evidence made available at such briefing, subjective belief that the briefing will not further one's positive political future, or the simpleminded preference to skewer people by colorful accusations rather than get facts up front, choosing another event to attend, being out of town (fly back, mesdames et messieurs), or illness with a note from a doctor chosen by the opposing party.
    • Negligent failure to appear at briefing shall be punishable by fine set by five persons from the streets of Washington DC (procedures to be drafted), the wearing of a dunce cap for the next week while Congress is in session, and mandatory recusal from participation in the hearing,and 100 hours of community service in a Washington DC shelter or soup kitchen, including nights.  
  • Gross negligent failure to appear at briefing as set forth herein shall consist of such hearings where there have been deaths at the place of the event in question. 
    • Gross failure to appear shall be punishable by a trebled fine as set forth supra, and 400 hours of community service in a Washington DC shelter or soup kitchen, including entire weekends. 
However, if the Congressional hearing has no public governing goal at all but is housekeeping -- such as how to tidy the lunch room, meet 'n greet a social occasion, or a jokey theater of the absurd event, then a briefing that addresses how the lunchroom got so messy shall not be mandatory.  Fly home.

Failure to appear shall be conclusively deemed to damage democratic governance, fostering disinformation perpetuation, and abuse of process, and to be an unfairly prejudicial waste of time at the hearing.


Legislative committee notes:

Failure to lower a boom on wilful or negligent avoidance of evidence presented at official governance briefings leads to shallow, propagandistic, video-for-re-election questions, and suppositions or hoped-for conspiracies, based on surface or disinformation that even the questioner cannot vouch for, further misleading any viewer actually seeking evidence on which to form an opinion.  See discussion

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson did not attend the evidence briefing for the Benghazi hearing, where the Secretary of State  was testifying (former Sec.State Clinton), then complained about lack of information --  see account at Wonkette.

Willful ignorance. Come on, now. Do your jobs.


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