Thursday, February 18, 2016

Executive Order for Public Health. Ten percent pool for Weaver Funds. Priority: Flint.

A. Overview of legislation for Weaver Funds, so named for the Mayor of Flint MI *,  cache to be set aside and available including by executive order as a secular tithe to further public health and safety when state governments fail to protect residents with speed and efficiency.  Further legislation may provide for reimbursement when state mechanisms or other federal step in.

B.  Legislation

The President may issue an executive order where a state has failed to fix a substantial public health problem within its borders within 6 months of reasonable notice of likelihood of danger to residents, as identified by the affected mayor(s) and the EPA. The EPA obligation also to implement its remedies shall not exonerate the state.
  • At such point of notice from the EPA, if the order issues, then such mayor(s) and the EPA shall serve notice upon each legislator, or executive, or other state-level person subject to election in that state, and other entities who serve that person's reelection interests generally as a party member as well as specifically. 
  • Service shall be effective anywhere within the 50 states. 
1.  Such elected person pursuant to the executive order shall immediately

a.  Publicly identify sources and amounts of political or lobbying funds and specie as to which he or she has or had power of disposition or from which he or she benefited politically during the prior 6 months (other than official salary that shall be exempt and in the nature of appanage) then in office regardless of party affiliation. Such information shall not be deemed proprietary or confidential.

b.  He or she (or those with demonstrable knowledge of such) shall also disclose all the sources of funds from which he benefits by party affiliation, including hoards for future elections, which funds may also be subject to contribution herein.

2.  Ten percent rule for recalcitrant officials.

Each elected official after disclosure shall cause to be deposited a sum representing 10% of all such funds, by total value (funds out of reach may be reimbursed by funds that are) in trust to be set up and dispensed by the mayor(s) or equivalent administrative heads of each area affected as trustees, proportional to the cost of fix for each such area, and for the sole purpose of remedy and ongoing repair.

Fix shall be defined as a)  providing clean water to each poisoned house, and such other steps as needed for complete and permanent resolution of the health issue (as in new pipes and free effective filters to meet the annual level of toxicity), and  b) paying for diagnostic tests, and treatment, and all costs of making injured persons whole again, which may mean life care or compensation for loss in earning capacity, all of which are familiar areas for courts.  A person may be poisoned from having consumer water at another house, or public place, and such injury shall be covered.

Binding arbitration shall be prohibited.  There shall always be recourse to tort and criminal court law.

Upon unwillingness or inability of such means and fixers to fix the problem, or upon earlier application by the trustees, such federal agency as the trustees shall designate shall do the fixing with such funds.

3.  Any politician (any state-level elected person) who fails to so identify and transfer within 15 days of notice shall move his toiletry kit and official residence to an endangered residence in the affected area and shall live there until the problem is fixed, and without improvements.

The residents of that affected residence may move into the home of the official, or, at the affected endangered family's election, receive the attributed rental amount for such home (three realtors, one democratic, one republican, one independent shall set the rental value),  from the official and move into such other place as chosen.


* Eponymous Mayor Karen Weaver, Flint, Michigan. See

**  Amphibious elected officials.  Amphibia as applied to elected officials refers to the apparent plurality's desire and ability to fade into any environment and hope to avoid notice that results in effective, enforceable obligation to others. Amphibious activities shall include dismissal of such issues after flyover; or ordering test after test and insisting on endless and changing procedures that delay reasonable fixing in hopes the country at large will fuggeddaboudit -- especially in an election year where the affected souls have no clout.

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