Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Immigration. New Green Card, the Botch Card, remedy for government incompetence

 The Botch Card Law.
A small but deserved remediation for governmental blunder.

Whereas:  Every government action must be preceded by planning, including funding, to avoid egregiously abusive results for persons detained while their circumstantial and other immigration bona fides are processed according to law.  Planning also includes remediation consequences.  These recognize that undue personal, economic and psychological injury can result from governmental sudden changes in policy and shall not be taken for granted as irrelevant or deserved: from decades of condoning as shown by failure to implement a coherent program, to abusive separations and detentions indefinite.

The Botch Card. As a deterrent to government incompetence in planning for the foreseeable enemy-making and traumatic results of its policies of separating and warehousing persons, a renewable Botch Card shall be provided as set forth herein. Where "catch" is followed by governmental delay and sepration abuse, there shall be Release. . Other citizens, employers, education personnel and other residents are alerted that their voluntary assistance incorporation of new persons into our land socially and economically, and is intended to avoid the already formidable wasted fortunes in tax money going down administrative tubes.


Wherefore:  The Botch Card.

a.   Undocumented immigrants of all ages and duration of time in US, whether in custody or not, shall be given a new Botch Card, a new category of green card forthwith, in addition to Green Card Eligibility Categories.

This Botch Card shall consist of processing number supplied by the Government, with photograph,  and last known address stated as the detention location.  Each applicant shall provide the name of a possible contact within the United States, which contact may be an organization or person, such organization or person to have no obligation to sustain or track the applicant.  All persons detained or separated from family at any time after January 1, 2016 shall be eligible.  The government shall provide lists and locations to the FBI forthwith.

b.  The designation Botch Card is a sane response to the government's paralysis and inability to plan before it acts, such giving rise to a grand amnesty despite them. It is deemed conclusive that taxpayer money is better spent fostering newcomer new economic and social lives, than incarcerations.

c.  All Botch Card recipients are required to maintain contact with their institutional or individual contact, and in two years, to report location and employment, or means of sustenance, if any.  This may be a pipe dream, but so goes governmental failure to process.

With verification of location and employment and sustenance, each Botch Card returnee shall move without cost to the list of other Green Card holders.  Those categories and their requirements shall not change as to added requirements for 5 years, giving each such person a fair chance to move into more permanent and even citizenship status.

Persons who respond and remain in touch shall receive priority status in further processing to green card status, or citizenship, whichever first occurs.

d.  The Big Assist.  All government entities are charged with immediately facilitating release and shall fund all reunions with all family members and transportation costs within the US or return to country of origin as the person requires.  funded reunions with all family members.  Any child unidentified and returned, and any adult retained in detention for more than 30 days, shall become immediate citizens.

Collection of information for such cards shall commence in all locales where undocumented immigrants are held, and if location unknown, at each Federal Building from 9-5 at each such location in each State and the District of Columbia. 

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